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AKBAN European Autumn Seminar 2017

The AKBAN 2017 European Autumn Seminar is over. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this. Two days of dynamic workout in NINJUTSU Combat applications and a very important seminar in emotion regulation and anger control by DETANT. First of all a huge thanks to Sensei Yossi Sheriff who, with his excellent technique and his values, has shown us once more the path of martial arts. We are sure that his teaching will continue to inspire us in our trainings. A big thanks to ninjutsu Tel-Aviv instructors Raam Manzur and Yoni Ben-Dor, who both travelled together with Yossi Sensei and trained with us, helping us with their excellent technique. To Guy Levi who also travelled from Tel-Aviv, to Danny, the co-founder of DETANT, who helped Sensei Yossi in the emotion regulation workshop and to Oliver Pulnar from Akban Ninjutsu Berlin who travelled from Germany. Finally, I want to thank all the students from Akban Ninjutsu Athens, Aris Pita and his students from Akban Itten dojo for their participation in the seminar and for their excellent performance. All of us here in Greece are proud to be part of the big AKBAN family. We look forward to the next AKBAN Seminar in Greece.

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