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A hard and demanding seminar came to an end. Two days of exhausting exercise and a very important seminar in emotion regulation and anger control by Detant. I want to thank everyone that made all this possible. A huge Thank you to sensei Yossi Sheriff with his excellent technique and ethics, he showed us the way of martial arts once more time. He makes all of us here in Greece proud for being part of the great AKBAN family. A huge Thank you to ninjutsu veteran Gaby Frischlander practitioner from the times of Doron Navon sensei, who traveled along with Yossi sensei and helped us with his great experience and expertise. A huge Thank you to Akban Ninjutsu Berlin headmaster, Ran Levari and his student Oliver Pulnar, who traveled from Germany and honored us with their presence in our seminar. Last but not least, I want to thank all the students from Akban Ninjutsu Athens, and Aris Pitas and his students from Akban Itten dojo, for participating the seminar and for their outstanding performance.

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